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Each and everyone of us will need a little life coaching sometime in our life. Using a life coach can help you interpret the parts of the whole picture of who you are and who you would like to be. It encompass’s healthy choices and a look into the heart of what matters. The Thought factor is a total package to the life coaching experience. My theory helps to awaken the mind and the thought process, teaching you ways of living well and in accomplishing the art of personal motivation for those who want to know what it is they choose for themselves. Who are you and where did your personality come from? SuzanneWhy do you make the decisions you do, base them on certain emotions and physical feelings? Do you want to challenge the choices that you make and know why you make them? Your health both physically and mentally is balanced in an ongoing process of mind, health, and spiritual awareness in the process making you understand choice and find peace in those choices once again.

My process begins with awareness next into knowledge, acceptance and then choice to choose your decisions differently. It is about the inner debate and learning to debate with yourself. It is about understanding your hidden motives brought about by the emotions, it is about you.

Begin to learn to cultivate new ideas and search for the answers that make sense. Life coaching is a journey of thought and the factors that make up the thought process, find you among the many ideas and meaningful processes that has made up your life and challenge those ideas creating new ones, ones that make sense.

Some of the ways I will work with you on this website, is through mentoring, coaching and helping you choose the choices you make, through the art of personal effectiveness. Through my blogs and personal connections I will guide you in achieving a sense of belonging to the whole person, creating balance and a healthier lifestyle. I use methods of creative motivation, teaching you how to listen internally, between the emotions, to find out what it is you really desire for yourself.

Whether it is healthy living and fitness, balancing the emotions, a mid life crisis or just wanting to understand you better The Thought factor with core thought and the debate field can help you achieve it

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